Category: Episode 2 – School’s Out or Bummer

The Realest

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 15 (The Realest) During lunch our heroes sat, And chatted together as two. David, Fu, B, and HC Enjoyed some delicious beef stew. But Dana and Stan sat a couple tables away With whispery glances, Enjoying their day. David Daniels, with worry, did frown, As Dana and Stan’s whispers went round […]

Dirty Laundry

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 14 (Dirty Laundry) The Dragon sighed deeply as he took the stand, Wondering what cards were in the prosecutor’s hand. The prosecutor swaggered and then stared deep- Into Fu’s eyes, and nearly made him weep. Prosecutor: “Someone tells me you’ve got a tip- On Stan’s dirty laundry around this campus.” […]

Court Day

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 11 (Court Day) On the ground floor of building 2, In the SHA complex, Sat the court of Superheroes, And waiting in the narthex- Were two now-famous heroes, Fire-Man and Hot Chick by name. And after their exploits with Captain Majestic and SHAPE They had earned much fame. But they […]