Category: Notes Of Destiny

Blessed Has Left

Notes Of Destiny 8 (Blessed Has Left) The Mora trees began to bud, Spring had come again. Windy went to check on Blessed, Perhaps new life would begin. But when she arrived, she found his bed empty. With no trace of where he’d gone. She did not want her family to panic So she searched […]

Song Of Healing

Notes Of Destiny 7 (Song Of Healing) This poem is from the point of view of Windy Bog. I took him into the laundry shed, Where he’d live for now. He hadn’t said a word to us Since we three left town. No thank you’s or smiles, Perhaps he was a mute. Or perhaps he’d […]

Bogs Vs. Pirates

Notes Of Destiny 5 (Bogs Vs. Pirates) The sheds the Bogs owned were smaller Moras, Hollowed out at the base. It probably wasn’t a great place to hide. But Windy just wanted to escape. The pirates charged right after her And cursed her all the way, But soon hot steam poured out of the laundry […]


Notes Of Destiny 4 (Tattle-Tale) Windy couldn’t bear to watch. Slave traders could be so cruel. Especially the Pirate kind, Who treated people like tools. So she decided quickly, To go tell Papa Bog. She thought he might be back at home. So she ran. She didn’t jog. Papa Bog adopted many kids, Herself and […]

Autumn Excitement

Notes Of Destiny 1 (Autumn Excitement) Windy Bog went for a jog, And came around a bend. The smell of hickory hit her nose, And made dreams of autumn blend. The leaves were red and orange and brown And yellow, her favorite shades, And the Fairwood festival would soon be here. The Great Songwriter she […]