Guardians Of Atlanta 11 (The Rearing of William Avery) The rearing of William Avery was the best that it could be. From the age of three he learned to sing in four part harmony. At five, he learned to fence and soon he learned to read […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 12 (Duel) By the Twenty-Fifth year of William’s life a tradition had begun. Among the Knights trained for combat, a prize was to be won. At the Summer Solstice celebration, the two best warriors were picked To duel the other one on one […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 13 (The Meeting) After the celebration of the coming season, The Knights all gathered for another reason. As chatter among them began to slow to a halt, every eye turned to Malachi Dodd Standing behind a podium in the fellowship hall, He was […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 14 (Master And Student) Following the meeting, great fellowship was had, All around the Church’s campus, Knights and Dames made glad. Some would discuss Theology, others would dance and sing, Still more would enjoy the feast and food, as joyfulness did ring. In […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 15 (Secrets At Stone Mountain) On the first day of patrol around The Mountain of Stone William stood at his post all alone. It was a bright and sunny day, the birds chirped their songs. But somehow, William knew that something was wrong. […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 16 (When Phillip Keller Was Just a Boy) Phillip Keller tried to stay quiet, Even though he was awake. His Mother dozed in the front seat, Her hand on the emergency brake. The sun in Toronto gleamed through the windows, Making it warmer […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 17 (When It Rains, It Pours) Just look up. Cyrus, just look up. Cyrus, just look up. Cyrus, just look up. The funeral was hard, the eulogy brief. Cyrus fought back tears and heart-wrenching grief. She said she’d find the wretched machine and […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 18 (Not Helping) Phones rang in the police station, And everyone hustled ’round. Then John Holbrook came over to see the Jones’ And then with them, sat down. He was a veteran officer, Who wore his badge with pride. And he tried to […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 18 (The Seed of Greed) When Phillip Keller was just a boy he dreamed of large machines, Empires, industry, things to help man, yes, that was his life-long dream. But as he grew older, the things that he built to help man went […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 20 (Memories And An Angel) Cyrus went out into the field where began her hurting. ‘Twas a bright summer morn, and she needed some good soul searching. She thought of days gone by, of her and Connor hangin’ without a care. She remembered […]
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