Category: Episode 6 – Crusader: Leader of The Guardians

The Knights Attack

Guardians Of Atlanta 52 (The Knights Attack) Back at the old stone Church where William sat with Bobby and Cyrus, They were working on a plan together to save Master, Fenris. Bobby: “I don’t know, man. If your bro’s Are half as jumpy as you, I think that we can scare them all Halfway to […]

Finish The Job

Kevlar suits of armor skulked, In the shadows near I-75. Armed with weapons of many sorts, They aimed for a sudden surprise. Tyson Holmes tailed Brock, his friend, And then whispered in his ear. Tyson: “I don’t like this one bit, Brock.” Brock: “I don’t believe what I hear. You’re questioning Malachi Dodd this far […]

Hidden Plans

Guardians Of Atlanta 50 (Hidden Plans) In a small office room in Alethea Church Dodd entertained some clients. A man in a suit and short haircut Who seemed completely self-reliant. But the man who commanded the most attention Sat relaxed with them. He was a man in his 40’s with a bald head, And glee […]

The Mission

Guardians Of Atlanta 49 (The Mission) After the confusion had come to a close, Cyrus cleared a table. The three unlikely heroes sat, Ready, Willing, and Able. Cyrus dialed a special number on her mobile phone. And the computerized voice of Mr. H came After a fake dial tone. Mr. H: “Am I on speaker […]

A Rocky Start

Guardians Of Atlanta 48 (A Rocky Start) A purple mist filled the room as William grabbed his sword Knox. He stood by the doorway, fully prepared,
 because he had no locks. He had to protect his dwelling by any and all means. Then his periphery was invaded by quite an amazing scene. He turned and […]