Guardians Of Atlanta 42 (A Circus Girl) Once there was a little girl Born into a carnival. She never knew who her parents were. She was raised by them all. This was the tradition amongst the band- Of misfits with life on the road, All children […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 43 (The Great Phantasma’s Wand) Carnival life can be very hard on anyone, great or small. But for Bobby Carter, the hardest things were what he loved most of all. The summer he turned ten, he began to do more chores. Pounding tent […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 44 (A Dream Girl) During Bobby Carter’s 21st Summer In the middle of the season’s tour Bobby Carter got a whole lot more That he ever bargained for. True the ride was smooth as ever, Across the tracks and towns. But this Summer […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 45 (Try Again, Uncle Andy) James Rigger sat in a cell, Straight Jacket holding his arms. He chuckled quietly to himself, He didn’t want to raise the alarm. His door then opened slowly And he expected to see That annoying psych person again, […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 46 (Project Eclipse) The man’s fingers played across The cold and lifeless skin. Willing and wishing the flesh Would one day rise again. The cold and sterile metal room Was as dark as it was cold, And the man’s bodyguard stood by the […]
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