Category: Episode 2 – Crusader: The White Knight

Master And Student

Guardians Of Atlanta 14 (Master And Student) Following the meeting, great fellowship was had, All around the Church’s campus, Knights and Dames made glad. Some would discuss Theology, others would dance and sing, Still more would enjoy the feast and food, as joyfulness did ring. In one corner off to the side, William engaged his […]

The Meeting

Guardians Of Atlanta 13 (The Meeting) After the celebration of the coming season, The Knights all gathered for another reason. As chatter among them began to slow to a halt, every eye turned to Malachi Dodd Standing behind a podium in the fellowship hall, He was a presence to be seen so slender and tall, […]


Guardians Of Atlanta 12 (Duel) By the Twenty-Fifth year of Williamโ€™s life a tradition had begun. Among the Knights trained for combat, a prize was to be won. At the Summer Solstice celebration, the two best warriors were picked To duel the other one on one in a special armed conflict. The Fellowship Hall of […]