Guardians Of Atlanta 60 (Mirrorless) I’m just a little girl How can this even be? Just yesterday my sister breathed Her last breath instantly. And the only father I’ve ever known Is gone forever too What am I supposed to say Or even do? Will anyone […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 59 (That Fateful Day) The hot summer sun of Atlanta beat down The streets were lined with singing birds. The laughter of Children, glittered the lawn Of one Maxwell Jenkins the Third. The shadow of Turner field lay a stone’s throw away. And […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 58 (Legend of The Jana Jukembar) That night, rain poured down on most of the Peach State. And while the guardians were feeling great, Clipper met once again with the bald man To discuss his ever-growing and evolving plan. Bald Man: “So, I […]
Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 16 (Birth Of Heroes) When court reconvened, there was little leftover- For the court to hear. It was almost over. Dana then called her Uncle to the Stand. And his silliness shrunk away, He stood tall and grand. Dana: “David Daniels, Captain […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 57 (Finish What We Started) Dark lay that hidden room Deep in an unknown place. Cold lay the air so still Within that haunted space. Thirteen figures barely visible In light levels nearing pitch Stood around a near-lifeless body Which had no will […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 56 (The Guardians Of Atlanta) After a solid month, of funerals and of grieving, Forgiveness had set in, and the Knights were still believing. All except those who went with Brock. They remained on the run.
But it was the Knights’ prayer, That they’d […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 55 (The Battle of Alethea Church) As William and Cyrus arrived at the Church, They didn’t believe what they saw. Knights and Dames with their swords drawn Fighting each other tooth and claw. William: “God help us.” William prayed As he wandered into […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 54 (The Call To Battle) It didn’t take long to rescue Fenris Once they learned his location. The Knights grew more terrified of William With every one of Bobby’s vibrations. They entered his room and woke him from his sleep. His eyes were […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 53 (The Great Divide) Fortune was lead by Master Dodd To the backstage area of the Church. They stood behind a curtain quietly And slowly began to converse. Dodd: “Fortune, I know how things seem, But you have been most loyal. Please don’t […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 52 (The Knights Attack) Back at the old stone Church where William sat with Bobby and Cyrus, They were working on a plan together to save Master, Fenris. Bobby: “I don’t know, man. If your bro’s Are half as jumpy as you, I […]
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