Craic In The World 5 (Patty Hallett) Deoch Eolais was a small storefront, Jayshawn had passed before. It was a hole in the wall, just down the street, And very obviously a bookstore. But there was an eeriness that seemed to loom, Just beyond its doors. […]
Craic In The World 4 (Research Time) Cop: “And you’re sure he just busted in by himself? No one else was involved?” Jayshawn: “I told you seven times officer, I don’t care if it can’t be solved. No one else was here, When he shot my […]
Craic In The World 3 (The Protector) Shots were fired into the air, Making the crowd scatter quick. Jayshawn pulled her through an alleyway, That with people, was less thick. They rounded a bend and came to his house, He fumbled around for his keys. He […]
Craic In The World 2 (Bumping Into Destiny) The streets of Ballyshannon hummed- In the middle of afternoon. Light drizzle served to paint the town In a thin, but substantial gloom. Jayshawn walked, hands in pockets, Feeling alone and lost. But that was certainly nothing new, […]
Craic In The World 1 (American Exile) Jayshawn Grogan was a little boy- Raised in New Orleans. His parents had a hard time keeping up with him, Every night, they’d drink themselves green. They were never abusive to Jayshawn, But he had to fight for his […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 11 (That was not the end…) But… Though she ceased to exist on Earth, And her body turned to spume, Serena woke up in a strange, white place, In what looked like her own little room. She got up, and tenderly tested […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 10 (Heart Shatter) All the crowd had gathered ’round, For the re-introduction of the Prince, And the re-introduction of the Princess of Galatia, Together, they were a great presence. They ascended to the royal dais, To stand with the Queen and King. […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 9 (In The Garden) After Silas and Demi danced, They retired to the royal garden. The guards surrounded the ivy-ed gates And their hearts did the opposite of harden. They were now alone and could speak- All that was on their mind. […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 8 (The Princess of Galatia) A few weeks later, Silas-
Hosted a special ball, Welcoming the Princess Demi, To his palace’s ivory halls. She’d arrive in about an hour Into the party’s festivities, Serena tugged on Silas, And she didn’t have to say […]
 The Rhyming Little Mermaid 7 (The Duty of a Prince) One evening in the palace, While rain poured down outside, Silas found Serena in the kitchen, So he pulled her aside. Into a side room he took her, Where they could speak privately. Silas: “How […]
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