Princess Demi concept artwork for The Rhyming Little Mermaid
Sequential art for Notes of Destiny.
Everyone knows hands are the hardest, AI or not. I think this witch-fist turned out alright though.
Sequential Art for my fantasy series Notes of Destiny. Windy Bog pictured beginning a jog through the Mora Trees.
More from the eventual Freakshow And Eclipse series. (Spinoff of Guardians of Atlanta.)
Serena is sick of The Sea Witchโ€™s crap. Lol Sheโ€™s like: โ€œGimme legs already!โ€
A preview of my upcoming children and young readers series, Alexander Obvious and The Copperhead Kerfuffle
One nice thing about working with video is that you can recolor. This shade didnโ€™t come out right but I corrected it in my editor.
Cover for a spinoff of Guardians of Atlanta (Once Season 1 completes posting on my website.)
The Sea Witch doesnโ€™t like visitors. #rhyminglittlemermaid
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