Behemoth Jr.

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 3
(Behemoth Jr.)

Dana: “I’m sorry we couldn’t get any teammates,
This time around, Uncle Dave.”

David: “I wonder how long it would take,
If for that fire-guy I’d save…
Well the trip doesn’t have to be for nothing.
I guess I could go upstairs and check-
Out my office and see if there’s anything
Lingering on my desk.”

Dana: “I’ll stop off and use the restroom.
Then wait for you outside.”

David: “That sounds like a capital plan!
Just hang around here and sit tight.”

David Daniels (Or Captain Majestic)
Trotted to the elevator door.
Meanwhile Dana, (Robogirl)
Went and did her chore.
But when she emerged from the ladies restroom,
Something stood in her way.
A giant stegosaurus-like thing,
Held her movement at bay.

The beast looked young, almost baby-like,
Though he was eight feet tall.
His cartoonishly green and red scales,
Rubbed up against the walls.

Beast: “Excuse me.”

He said in a deep, but juvenile voice.

Beast: “Is this the place I go?”

Dana: “I’m not sure what you’re looking for.”

Beast: “You know! The place I go!”

Dana: “Repeating the same thing over again,
Really doesn’t help much.”

Beast: “What’s repeating?” The beast said back,

Dana: “Are you lost?” She said with a touch.

Beast: “I’m Behemoth Junior! B is what they call me.
I’m supposed to go to a place,
To be a hero and all I can be!
I think that room is where I go.”

He nodded to the ladies room door.

Dana: “I don’t think that’s where you’re supposed to go.”

B: “I don’t know, are you sure!?”

Behemoth Junior dived past Dana,
And wedged himself into the frame-
Of the ladies-room door,
And Dana thought this was a game.

Dana: “Stop it! You’re gonna get stuck!
What are you thinking, B?”

B began to cry aloud,

B: “This isn’t where I’m supposed to be!
I’m stuck and now I can’t get out!”

Dana: “Don’t worry, I can help!”

Dana looked into her program menu,
And selected: “Tool belt.”

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