Ignite the spark of family connection and become your family’s chief artistic influencer with Joshua David Ling’s immersive “Be Your Family’s Bard” one-day workshop. Gather together as a family, parents, children, and grandparents alike, and embark on a journey that will deepen your bond and create lasting memories. Through captivating example stories and insightful lectures, Joshua will not only teach you the art of storytelling and story structure but also emphasize the profound importance of family story time. Discover how the power of storytelling can nurture the hearts and enhance the mental health of each family member. Rooted in a Christian worldview, Joshua will unveil the cohesive nature of God’s story, allowing every generation to find meaning and inspiration within it. Whether you choose to host this transformative experience in the comfort of your own home, at a conference, or a church event, “Be Your Family’s Bard” promises to be an extraordinary opportunity for the whole family to embrace the joy and significance of storytelling together. Join Joshua David Ling on this remarkable journey and unlock the potential of creating a family legacy filled with love, faith, and the magic of shared stories.

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