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AA3 BVZ1 – Next Stop Wichita

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And now, bards vs Zombies episode one. Next stop Wichita. One battle of the band’s battle of the bands had finished. The roadies packed up the show. Want to be rock stars milled about networking before they had to go? Jacob forte and Leah Hulan. Mehta avenue by name didn’t win the big battle. But their best lyrics prize won them fame. They sat over in a corner, plucking on guitar and singing. Occasionally another act would come over and offer praise over their lyrics ringing. That was pretty sweet overall gig better than I thought it’d be. You’re always so worried it won’t go. Well, will you ever see people like us, Jacob? A lot more people than we know. Maybe? Jacob said with a smile. Then he jumped up to his toes. A loud crash had sounded just at the front of the stage. The bassist for one of the bands threw a fit and an amplifier out of rage. You get rid of ember, you get rid of me. Go get your little cousin to do it for free. The drummer a young woman sheepishly frowned.

You didn’t have to do that for me.

The lead singer of that band came out and yelled with the basis for a moment. Jacob got tired of it and walked over. Come on, guys. Let’s end it. The lead singer rolled his eyes and began to walk away. Dude sucks. You left your band. Dad coming anyway. I’m Mikey, this is ember. You guys song was great. didn’t exactly rock though.

But the lyrics we wish they’d imitate.

Ember pointed over her shoulder as her old band began to leave. We’ve got the lyrics if you’ve got the rock. Are you serious? I am. My girl is over there. And we’re about to leave in our bus. You guys want to hop on our tour? Come to Indiana with us. Ember smiled mischievously. Mikey yelled, Oh, right. Leah embraced them with open arms and in an hour they left for the night, too. They gave us more. Across the state of Ohio to Indiana they went every ounce of energy the four of them spent, they toured everywhere they could. They played on the streets and venues, dive bars and birthday parties eating from the dollar menu. In the bus they lived and while they went along, Leah grabbed the napkin and wrote this very song. We landed on a stage in Ohio with thought we’d play another show. Little did we know when we got up to blow the powers that be gave us more. They gave us more. They gave us more. More folks then we ever thought before. And when we lit up that stage the whole place when crazed and the powers that be gave us more. They said our Lyric prowess was awesome. But another band won the whole show. Another split up, didn’t give up. Two of them joined up and here we go. He gave us more They gave us more more folks than we ever thought before. And when we lit up that stage the whole place wind crazed, and the powers that be gave us Mone. Now Jacob fortes the lead Bard with us, Leo’s harmonies our sublime Mikey basin without a trace of irony and bears back on drums. We will not forget where we come from. We will not break down. Meta Ave will always keep in view. The music is what we fight for. You gave us more. You gave us more. Butter music is what keeps us on the floor. No matter how life changes nothing tops those mountain ranges and the prairies as we travel across the shores. No matter how life changes nothing tops those mountain ranges and the music that always brings us more. Three bones the laughter echoed off the walls of the bones Bar and Grill. Better Avenue celebrated a show that was full of thrills Ember through her straw Mikey, who sold it like a grenade. And Leah nearly fell on the floor before Jacob said to behave. Settle down y’all it’s time for pay your your envelopes. Don’t spend it all in one place. We have a lot of travelling to go. Following the money distribution. They all ordered what they wanted. Not a care in the world was had they cheered and they partied until upon the TV screen above the bar Leah saw a news report that made her sick and the flesh of her skin crawl. She tapped Jacob on the shoulder and pointed for him to see what the news was breaking now in another city. They read the captions that went by and here is what they said. Nearly 100 People infected all of them reportedly dead. The other two turned and saw the report of an outbreak in Wichita. Jacob’s expression turned cold and pale. Let’s roll my big bear claw. That’s exactly where we’re headed. And everybody felt cold and raw. For fatality

Do you really think it’s smart though going there anyway,

Mikey put a quarter in each slot so that he and Ember could play his all time favourite fighting game. He knew that she was toast. Jacob knows what he’s doing. You’re acting like it’s an outbreak of ghosts. Mikey laughed at his own joke.

The outbreak is undisclosed Dude, it could be anything. Don’t act so well disposed.

Come on healthy girl like you and a healthy guy like me. We’ve got nothing to worry about heck, here should go on a date with me. We could. Mikey then launched into a pre planned assault of niceness and flattery designed to give a girl no fault, saying yes to a guy she barely even knew. But the second he’d said date something in Ember went to skew. She doubled down on the fighting game, white knuckled on her controller. She grit her teeth in anger and her fighting became bolder. She finished off Mikey’s character before he’d finished his rant. Then she turned and looked at him.

This is who I am. I do not date girls or guys. I do not do romance. If you so ever as look at me sexually. I will break your hands. If you have a problem with that. You can take a hike. I am asexual and need only me and I destroyed you in that

fight. Ember stormed off angrily and Mikey couldn’t help but smile. This could be a thrilling hunt that could last quite a while. Five, not fun. Meta Avenue wheeled their bus down the Lonesome Highway. It seemed that they were the only car going that solemn way. There was no radio blasting. Nobody spoken word. They knew it was probably safe. And they all had heard that the south side of Wichita was contained The disease was not going to spread. Still the silence in that bus spoke one thing. Metta Avenue’s dread. I thought Wichita was supposed to be hopping. How much farther to go? Like 15 minutes. Just think about the show. I’m sure it’ll be great. You guys just wait and see. Then they all passed an overturned military jeep.

Is that a military blockade?

Isn’t that our venue? Jacob sighed and said it’s both. And you could see the sinew tighten up in his neck. As he said the following words. I think we’ve got company. Then they saw the curse. A chain link fence had been torn down in several places. Razor wire littered the road, and stopped them in their paces. smouldering barrels of oil and trash lay all about, but that was nothing compared to what they would all talk about. If they were able to raise a voice for they were frozen before they could scream at a site that would make man’s courage burst at the seams. shambling corpse like rotting imps began to close in a fast, angrily tearing toward their bus, and they left no room to pass. Mikey finally broke the silence. This is definitely not fun. Then Jacob accidentally popped the tire and all they could do was run. Six zf h. The razor wire slashed their tire when Jacob sat to GOC. It had been pulled off a fence and strewn all about with all the chain and locks. But their venue sat just ahead beyond the broken blockade. Each one grabbed a single instrument, the one most precious to him, and bolted toward the bust of blockade on a prayer and a whim. Mikey led the way in fright and Jacob brought up the rear, doing his best to make sure his band that got away from here. Soon Mikey was out the door to an old hangar nearby. He tried the door, but it was locked. he pounded on it and cried. Let us in they’re gonna get us. Then the door opened up, there stood a grizzled military vet and his barking pup. Once everyone was inside the door was shut and barred. The monsters scraped at the old iron door, but thankfully no one was scarred. About three dozen people were milling around the room, sitting and waiting like animals in a trap waiting for their doom.

Was that real? Or just a prank? Oh,

it was very real. Y’all must be the band. I was hoping y’all would steal the money already paid Jen keep which Todd your mind. The new they ain’t doing us any favours, though. They won’t see what’s going on this time. What is going on? Surely y’all can tell. You just ran right into zombie freakin hell. Seven, fancy work to do. The military vets name was Vince. And he showed them around the place. About three dozen were holed up in that tiny space. They hoarded guns and ammo and had enough MRIs to last another year or so. Beneath the threat of the zombies. The community has really come together over the past week or so. Not sure what we’ll do long term but for now we’re on a roll. We have a mess hall and armoury and a yard. lodgings are a little tight, but it isn’t that hard.

It just doesn’t seem real to me. Zombies are like ghost tales.

Well, what I saw and heard and smelled seemed extremely real. extremely toxic too. But it seems it’s all through blood. Sometimes they’re more docile, but that doesn’t do us much good. As soon as they snap back to feed their mindless killing machines. You seem awfully calm about this. Things aren’t as they seem. You’re welcome to stay for a couple of days. The zombies will move on in that time. Meanwhile, we’ll fix your bus up, sit back and unwind Lia grabbed her tambourine and headed out into the yard. Where are you going? Jacob asked. This job is going to be hard. But hey, we got paid and we’re here. We might as well jam out unplugged. Jacob and Ember smiled and Mikey said, got me whiskey to chug the joint together in the yard and played the following song. And the residents listened to gratefully or something right during times so wrong. You came up to me dressed up to the nines. Charming me was smiles and food had a real good time. But use later never thought thought you would intercede cast out demons inside me. That was Burson seems more than just you were more then just fans see more than just you are more than just fans see? All my dreams were gone. Like a strip screw with known tip. I was leaning over the edge. I had lost my grip. But you came after me and pulled me back to you. I can’t imagine life without you. Don’t a word I do. Oh then just even more than just fans see? Oh than just you were more than just fans see. fancy things a sparkle bright. Fade as quick as evening light. Fancy Fash said nation proved to be more than fancy with you. More than just you’re more than just fancy. More than just, we’re more than just fans see. Ate unwanted fans. As the songs rang into the night, the people in the yard relaxed. For a moment they could rest and put down all they had to do to keep the turning wheels of community spinning round. they marvelled at meta avenues deft lyrics and intoxicating sounds. But as the night pressed on, it became clear they had other guests. The zombie smells they could sense lingering outside their little nest. And still they played as it began to grow dark. And slowly scratching noise grew louder than the guitar and cat hone that had been bringing them joys in the middle of they gave us more a rotting fist press through the makeshift barrier wall that had enclosed them from pursuit. They crawled through sluggishly lumbering on but this time the zombies were slow. Guns were brought and battle commenced. A meta Ave ducked low. Bullets sailed over their heads and Ember grabbed the Jacob’s arm. We need

to get out of here.

We can’t stay and get harmed. Jacob then leapt into action. All four followed him in a blur. He didn’t know what he was doing, and he definitely wasn’t sure where else could possibly be safe in town. But the truth was fight or run. The zombies might have been slower this time, but they were even more strong. Nine can’t be stupid. Into the night meta Ave ran, the compound was scattered abroad. After several twists and turns they landed in a suburban backyard. It was surrounded by an eight foot wood fence. And as they caught their breath, Jacobs leadership comes I think we lost boys back. Noah seems to live here. That should over there looks pretty good right now y’all good camping here. The four of them took a moment and looked around to see the wisdom that Jacob had suggested. And soon they all agreed. They all began to gather some things to bed down until dawn. But after a while Leah wandered out toward the front lawn. Jacob saw her raising her phone trying to get more bars. He had been trying that off and on and knew it was a lost cause. He slowly approached her from behind. Hey, babe, we got to go in. It’s not safe out here right now. I just want to call my parents. You can’t do it right now. Leah’s lower lip began to quiver as she slipped down to her knees. Remember the tower we passed that had fallen? I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why. If you can’t buck up and get inside, you might be the first to die. Leah bit her quivering lip and angrily marched herself back. You can’t be stupid now, Leah. Those monsters want us bad. 10 being stupid. Leah stewed on a makeshift bed roll. Made from mouldy yoga mats. Ever since Jacob had scolded her. She had the urge to attack. But instead she scoured the moonlit shed arise taking inventory there. And then she spotted a couple items that made her wonder and stare. She saw hard hats and climbing gear and a few tools she recognised from when her father was a lineman working on the phone and power lines. She saw a stack of county maps sitting there on a bench and she quietly snuck over to look and nearly tripped on a socket wrench. But she nimbly caught herself and found the maps were fairly recent. She saw where the closest cell towers were, and she thought she had a decent chance of getting close to one nearby. She promised to herself that she had to try. She grabbed a few simple supplies and then moved out of the shed. The moon was bright and she could stay out of sight. So she had little dread. But as she skittered from shadow to shade, she left a lingering scent picked up by three fleshy Bese who weren’t human at present. They followed Leah hunting her keeping silent in the brush, and Leah was none the wiser of the figures that stayed hunched. Thank you for listening to bars vs. Zombies episode one next stop Wichita. I’m really excited about this series. I’ve actually always hated hated hated zombie stories. But this one, I’ve got some cool ideas for. I hope you stay tuned. Also, this is the first a sexual character that I’ve ever done something different. And yeah, I’m sure some have concerns one way or another and if you want my intentions just email me Joshua David lang@gmail.com and you’ll get my intentions without spoilers. Anyway, that’s it for this time. If you want to help support these stories at Joshua David Lang comm slash support, I would be forever grateful. Also, if you want to sponsor the show, you can do so. All the links and stuff are at Joshua David link comm check them out. And come on back for the next audio adventure.