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AA2 FnF1 – The Stone Cutter

Ancient folk and fairy tales pervade our world and give us deeper glimpses into the wisdom and joy of our forebears. I’m attempting to take these and rewrite them to emphasize the incredible beauty they already hold using rhyme and meter as my tools. This is folk and fairy tales. These audio adventures are supported by listeners like you. Without your help. These stories can’t be produced. If these stories feed your imagination. Please consider helping me feed my family by visiting Joshua David Ling dot com slash support and becoming a monthly contributor. Also, if you’d like to be a sponsor of this podcast in exchange for an audio advertisement, get in contact with me at Joshua David lang.com. Today’s episode is sponsored by the following.

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And now, folk and fairy tales, episode one, the stone cutter. Once there was a man who cut things out of stone, he lived out in the countryside. Yes, he lived all alone. He wasn’t a very smart man. But he didn’t have to be this stonework made him a living and he was very happy to wander he went out to a new mountain to cut stone. And as he ventured on his way he found he wasn’t alone. The locals talked of a spirit who granted people their desires. But he brushed this off as poppycock is just the work of liars. He cut his stone expertly as always polishing off the rough edges. He took them back down the mountain pass to the man who’d pay his wages. But as he walked, he started to think what his desires might be, if visited by the Spirit who would grant wishes happily. He couldn’t think very much until it came into view the house of the man he took the stones to his name was Mr. Su. Mr. Su had a mansion of immense size with tapestries gardens and koi ponds. And all of this made our stone cutter think this is how I would respond. I wish I wish I had a mansion like this. Then the air felt enchanted. A voice whispered gleefully into his ear, stone cotta, yo which is granted. He then went home and what did he see? A mansion completely full of rooms overflowing with tapestries. It was enough to make him swoon. he marvelled at at all, for about 15 minutes. Then he got bored and looked out his window and he saw coming into the city limits a prince of great repour and might mean carried in on a throne. The prince had servants surrounding him in the stonecutter felt well alone. Even as someone carrying an umbrella, said the stonecutter jealously to block this wretched summer sun. What a joy that it’d be.

I wish I wish I was a prince. Then the

air Felton chanted a voice whisper gleefully into his ear, stone cutter, your wishes granted. The stone cutter sat carried on a throne his every need tended to. This didn’t last very long, however, because it was hotter than he knew. Even though it was nice having an umbrella over him. The sun still made him sweat and continued to brown his skin. He looked up in the sky at the blazing hot sun, and he began to think I can block the sun with an umbrella I could even have a drink but the sun is still more powerful than me. And one day it will make me retire yet the sun will still glow brightly shining every hour. I wish I wish I was the sun. Then the air Felton chanted a voice whisper gleefully to him. Stone kata Your wish is granted. An instant later. He was the sun, burning his power into the ground, scorching crops in his might and burning up rivers and towns.

I’d lost. No one is mightier than me. I finally am the best they know.

Then a cloud blocked his raise and his anger began to sting. This simple cloud blocks up my brightness. I thought nothing stood in my path. No stupid cloud will stop my power. There is no end to my wrath. I wish I wish I was a cloud. Then the air felts enchanted. A voice whisper gleefully to him. Stone cotta, your wish is granted. A split second went by and he was a cloud, and he drove down hard with rain. He learned he could make halen himself so he destroyed the fields of grain, who wonders mightier now, he said marvelling in his might arm so powerful I can move mountains. Look isn’t right. He rained down on a mountain, but it wouldn’t budge rock solid it stood in defiance. Loose mountain won’t move, so why must be it? It’s time to make that alliance. I wish I wish I was the mountain. Then the era of felt enchanted. A voice whisper gleefully back to him. stonecutter. Your wish is granted. He stood as the mountain. He could not be moved. The Sonic could not scorch him. The rain it could not wash him away. Nothing could overtake him. He relaxed and took in all the power he had the solidness of stone was surely the best thing he’d ever have. Then he listened carefully, and heard a very faint sound. ching, ching, ching, went something familiar. Then he looked down at the ground. stone cutter, he exclaimed, flabbergasted and amazed. He’s cutting me up. He’s destroying my base. He is surely mightier than me. No, I know what I have to be. I wish I wish I was a stone cutter. Then the airbelt Enchanted of voice whisper gleefully back to him. stone cutter, your wish is granted. And once again, he was a stone cutter, and he never made a wish again, his power was just perfect now, at least it was perfect for him. And so the moral of the story which we do not want to hide is that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. And if you’re a stone cutter, a businessman, a mom a cloud in the sky, a preacher or a singer of a song, you are exactly who God made you to be. Try to be it happily. Thank you all for listening to folk and fairy tales. Our next folk and fairy tale will be the Little Mermaid. If you enjoyed this tale, and want to become a monthly contributor, please go to Joshua David lynda.com/support. We appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you next