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AA1 GOA1 – The Long Summer

For unique individuals with unique abilities, or whether controller, an illusionist, a knight, and a power copier unite to protect the jewel of the South Atlanta, Georgia, this is guardians of Atlanta. These audio adventures are supported by listeners like you. Without your help these stories can’t be produced. If these stories feed your imagination, please consider helping me feed my family by visiting Joshua David link comm slash support and becoming a monthly contributor and guardians of Atlanta, episode one, the law summer. One the prophecy read Jones was a farmer, just north of Atlanta. His wife laid sick in bed. Just picture it Kancha a baby in her womb. A storm raging outside the lightning lock them in. The storm poured from the sky it’s the wind and rain battered their tiny Georgia town. The Hales and Gail’s tore power lines down. The back window had been knocked out by flying debris and there was no help that either of them could see Emily Reed’s wife her complexion was shoddy nausea, pain and cold racked all of her body. She moaned and cried and prayed that it was just the flu but Reed Jones had no clue what to do. He set a candle on the nightstand and tucked in his ailing wife and slammed his knees down to the floor to beg God for her life. Please, Lord, please got saved my wife and child. The wind started blowing and there came something wild. The wind that calm the rain it stopped. But what came was a storm in need, like Crinkle that the edges of the walls golden as wrapping wheat and fading in as the room became light was a figure about eight feet tall. his stature not only dwarfed the Joneses, but seemed to stretch their walls. He wore a tan leather duster with black pants, shirt and boots beneath. The Duster looked dirty and worn and tassels hung from the sleeves. On top of his head was a black cowboy hat, obscuring his eyes and nose. A smirk on his lips surrounded by a goatee stood frozen in a rye pose. Before the figure open that mouth. Read Joan stared blankly and knew he was in the presence of an angel. And there was nothing he could do. The voice was richer than honey and brighter than those flecks of gold light deeper than the deepest part of the Chattahoochee and it spoke a prophecy that night. Re Jones good and faithful servant, your wife will be saved from death the dark current. Your daughter is well but she’ll be born with power. Oh whether before arise will cower. And with God’s help, she will withstand great adversity. She will lose everything. But she will learn this homily. If Christ is with us, who can be against us. Your daughter Reed Jones will stand for justice. And just like that the angel was gone. Before Reed could say a word. He jumped back up to his precious wife by love and worry, he was spurred by his wife Lee. They’re asleep and warm. Her colour. Now rosy red, and her breathing was as calm and relaxed as the baby that laid within her in that bed. Read Jones cried with utter relief, as the sky above turned red to praising God Almighty and heaven. For there was nothing he could do. A few weeks after that, Emily birth from brittle bones, a daughter with brown hair and they named her

Cirrus Joan to the headband. Five years later in Alpharetta, the Jones is home in town at Canaan Baptist church Sunday school had come in from the playground. It was time for the parents to come and pick up all of their young kids. Reed rolled into pickup Cirrus and was met with a hug and a kiss. But then her spastic little girl demeanour turned sour In a flash, or chin jetted out in a frown and into a complaint. She did splash Can you believe it, daddy? Five Year Old serious wind. They said Our Angels not in the Bible, but I told them You saw him shine, read side and thought about how to explain why they couldn’t just go spreading that tail. But anyway, he thought to explain it turned out to be a big fat fail. And Ezekiel is even a book in the Bible. Yes, but that one was a prophet. And I told you the angel didn’t tell me his name Cirrus. You should probably drop it. Just because we call him that. Because I have a feeling that’s his name, doesn’t mean you should go telling everyone about it. They’ll think it’s just a game. Just because I know what I saw. Doesn’t mean it makes sense. And it doesn’t matter if other people believe it. You don’t have to be so intense. Serious his tiny mind was going a mile a minute. She suddenly reached up and touched your hair and felt no headband in it. Little serious full of fright, screamed and cried and moaned. That is my favourite headband. We just can’t go home. Serious you’ve lost these things before. They always turn up again. Just then a little head peeked around the Sunday School doorways Ben. The little boy hunched his back and his mom behind him said I think Connor has something for you serious and he won’t ever take it again. The little boy inched his way toward the prissy girl. He held up the missing headband. Cirrus took it and twirled. She exclaimed as she spun around. But why did you take it Connor? Tell me Tell me now. You were playing with all the kids and that just felt left out. I was too scared to talk to you. So I took your head band out. All you had to do was ask if I would be your friend. Connor asked that very day and their friendship had no end. Three, the baseball game. The old blue black door swung open into the Jones’s farmhouse, serious looked into the kitchen. There was no one about lightning flashed and thunder roared in her soaked and shivering form, stepped inside and drove to the floor hoping to get warm. Serious. came a voice from the other room. Is that you darlin? He said, a dirty looking man walked in from the kitchen with a Braves cap on his head. He wore a red flannel shirt with blue overalls on top, and the car bar he’d been carrying he quickly did drop for the sight of his daughter crying was alarming indeed. He hugged his crying teenage girl as they slipped down to their knees. Serious What’s the matter? I thought you were at Connors game. But the games mention the weather grew less tame. A Cirrus coughed and spluttered. The rain grew more intense. Read took her aside into the living room and quietly let her vent. Once she had released the bulk of her inner turmoil, she looked up at her dad and anger at herself roiled dad, I ruined the game. I was sitting in the dugout next to Connor like Coach McFarlane lets me and I tried, she began to pout. It was stupid, but I tried to hold his hand and as soon as I did, he had to go get ready to bat and serious closed her eyelids. I couldn’t help it I started crying in serious loss that again, reach broke his daughter’s hair. They lost the game when it was called due to weather. They were in the ninth down by four and they had the bases loaded encounter on deck

now read saw what she was crying for. And the rain was your fault serious. Are you kidding? Of course it was. Read took a moment to process at all and they relaxed during that

pause. I’m sorry, serious. But you can’t let this keep you from living your life. I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again. You don’t have to keep secrets and lie. You can tell Connor about your gift if you want. There’s no way he believed me daddy. That was always her response. Why did God give me this gift? Why isn’t that stupid Angel you. Breed saw the pain in his daughter’s face. And even then he knew he had to balance his firmness and comfort in his reply. God made you the way he made you. He gave you control over the sky and it won’t do nothing but hurt you to be cursing his mess. Since you’re on high, I know things are hard for you harder than most girls in fact, but it will get better serious. God’s angel promised us that suicide and curled up into her daddy’s arms, and the raindrops lightened into a sprinkle as they stayed safe and warm inside their beautiful farmhouse, and there was no more need for talk. Just the tapping of the rain and the ticking of the clock for telling Conner the boat shifted Creek involved in the wind on Lake Lanier but Connor and Cirrus both enjoyed it. They didn’t have any fear. Connor love to sit and fish and Cirrus love the spray, and they love to be with one another on any given day. The baseball game was two years ago, Cirrus was now 15. She felt much more confident in herself and she was bursting at the seams to tell Conor her one secret her best friend had to know. And she figured now was the best time is any. She took deep breaths as they rode. The spot they settled on the lake was hidden among the trees. A great spot for catching catfish, but they were tossed about by the breeze. It wasn’t a very great day to fish, but they enjoyed it anyway. The overcast guy and high winds made their canoe rock

and sway. Connor Sirius began to speak. I have something to tell you. Jane Biden Anyway, go ahead. So I was new. It’s a story about when I was born. That only me and my parents know. But it’s time that I told my best friend about Ziggs visit years ago.

Z Connor asked with a laugh that boy on the wrestling team. Now stupid not him my guardian angel. She screamed what? Connor said with amazement and turned his full attention to her. My parents were both in the farmhouse and Mama was sick and so her daddy prayed and asked God to save her and have mercy and save me. Then an angel appeared to my dad and the angel told him about me. He said I would control the weather as far as my eye can see. And that I would know love and loss but through I would see Whoa that’s a good one serious your story’s been getting good is not a story it really happened. Serious is anger sword. When I control the weather it it’s like my body quakes. I feel a release and then let the rain go and then I feel tap the brakes serious. A really want to believe you but I just heard you say this. Your guardian angel made you make it rain, and somehow it feels like bliss. It sounds like you’re just using the bathroom. The feeling is very close. Connor couldn’t help but laugh. And Cirrus said the same joke. Suddenly lightning bolt shattered the clouds and struck a tree on the bank. Connor stared at the Burning Tree and his mind went completely blank. Now do you believe me Connor? Yes Cirrus I do. And that is the tale of how Cirrus Jones told Connor Murdoch of her powers in that canoe. He had many questions still to ask. But Cirrus was elated to find. It didn’t change the relationship one bit, where the path of Connor’s mind if anything, they grew closer. When Cirrus took the step to lay her soul before her soul mate and trust God for the rest. Five Home is where the heart remains. Fast forward on through time to several years later, Cirrus was in college at UGA and celebration was in the air. The night before the last day of school Cirrus had a party invite. She would meet her friend Cindy had a club called Top Dog and they would party into the night. Cirrus didn’t do clubs very often, but Cindy had been close to her at least in recent weeks, but she still wasn’t sure. Regardless, she got dressed to the nines and put on her best leather boots. And as she walked into that club called Top Dog she felt her senses uproot. The music was so very loud. Her heart muscles struggled to beat. She couldn’t see Cindy anywhere the darkness was so complete. Then as her ears adjusted to the sounds, she heard a million cuss words. She quickly decided that this place was simply for the birds. A drunken man grabbed her by the arm and said to her, let’s dance. Serious angrily wrenched her arm away in the man fell drunk in trance. She left top Dog as quickly as she came and a tear rolled down her cheek, the feeling that she had of being misplaced, and finally reached its peak. The hope of summer hovered over her, and the thought of returning home to a place where she was understood where she’d never be alone. Fast forward about 12 hours later, Cirrus was in class zoning out with a blank stare. Summer break just a few minutes away. She stared at that clock for what seemed like days. And even in that crazy little town of Athens, the pressure was too much on a girl who raised chickens, horses, cows and crops. That bell rang and there were no more stops. The quicker she get there, quicker she be back among the Pine Creek, some peach trees no matter what happened. No matter what Shay. One thing never did. Because Home is where the heart remains. And as she went home, she saw her whole world to change and every time she stepped out, new construction was a blazing It was amazing. All the shops and malls and offices and streets and they got Gaul Cirrus thought every time her mind would drift. When the winds of progress would shift. they’d leave a bigger mess than ever before the south been dying slowly since the Civil War.

Quicker she get there, the quicker she’d be. Back among the pine, creeks and peach trees no matter what happened, no matter what changed. One thing never did. Because Home is where the heart remains. And even though the borders of the Jones’s home were surrounded by the aforementioned stores and chrome, their 20 acres of land were glorious. Cirrus ran inside, feeling victorious. The minute she opened the door to her home, she knew that she was no longer alone of everything she’d been feeling melted away. In the arms of her parents tonight, she’d stay in country roads, take her home, to a place where she belongs up berbeda lads her hometown to Kuru home, country rule. Six, progress is knocking. Dinner time came for the happy Jones family. They sat down to enjoy their meal. But something cold still lingered in the air. And all three of them could feel the relentless spirit now climbing their steps, a monotonous drone in his heart. And soon that drone would collide with their happiness and trouble truly start. Progress moves can’t be stopped, trees cut down and then they’re chopped. Progress will never be dropped till this whole culture is swapped. During dinner time with the Jones and not came to the door and everyone froze. Father Reed went to the door to open on the other side was a man who was hoping to take their farm take their land and turn it into a strip mall. He reached out to shake Reid’s hand, but he wasn’t getting know how to yell. In fact, he wasn’t even getting a no sir. But against this man. Nothing would deter. My name is Philip Keller. Don’t worry, Phil, I know you. You’ve been sending your vultures off and on since 2002. Well, you’ll be happy to know the offer tripled in price. It doesn’t matter now get off our porch. Gee, aren’t you nice? I’m telling you. You’re sitting on a goldmine. This land is a big budget deal. Didn’t you hear me I said get gone. You should know the drill. Read close the door sharply and Philip Keller smiled. His plans for their land going longer than miles. He took one more glance at their yard and said looks like Mr. Nice Guy is finally dead. Reed Jones has said no. There was nothing he could do. He slammed the door on his Corvette and stewed. But still Philip plotted. But still Philip planned to one day put it in to the southern strand. He then drove off but inside Reed was asked by his wife Emily, who was that passed by our door during dinner. She happily chimed Philip Keller himself guess what he wanted this time to still come in around? Serious asked in dismay. Him and his cronies come by every day. At least that’s how How it feels most of the time. That’s enough about that. Then, would y’all like some wine and as the Joneses enjoyed their dinner, and Philip Keller drove away, the drone and Philip Keller’s heart drone to louder with wild decay. Progress moves can’t be stopped. trees cut down and the nurture progress will never be dropped. Till this whole culture is swapped. Seven small town romance. As Phillip killers Corvette headed back to 400 and the Joneses began dinner and sat there and wondered why Philip Keller wanted their land so badly. A different sports car pulled up, and Cirrus squealed gladly. The black trans-am was so much love and were put inside it varied her favourite person in the world. Oh, man. Was she excited? I’m sorry, mom, dad. I forgot. Connor wants to take me out. No problem, sweetie. See you soon. Thanks, Cirrus said with a shout. She ran out. Without a single doubt.

This is what love song really sing in bout. There has never any hate, and never any doubt. This is the person natural men full. It’s not by chance is nothing but a small, small town romance. Years ago, when Cirrus was young a boy came to her Sunday school class. He stole her headband to get her attention. He said sorry, and they became friends bats. Love stories like this only come in small towns where people don’t leave each other. They stick around. And even one day their parents knew they’d find both of them married. They were that entwined. This is what love songs really mean at the heart. It begins the second you meet right from the very start your best friends forward forever. Even at first glance, it’s nothing but a small, small town romance. So that night, when Connor came in his trans-am he picked up Cirrus and drove somewhere grand. He planned on taking her to Stone Mountain. But a ghastly kept all of that from happening. So instead, he drove to a much smaller place, a little neighbourhood that survived by God’s grace, a cul de sac on top of a large mound and you could see all of Atlanta from on top looking down. They had a picnic right there with fried chicken and sweet tea. But then all of a sudden, Connor said Sears, will you marry me? Even down the road when you’re talking about forever, you really can’t remember a time you were never together. So it’s really not that hope to maintain that stance. It’s not the mode, a small, small town Romans eight electric shock and they arrived back. The stars shine brightly unconcealed. They stared through the black at something gleaming in the nearby field. Cirrus went to check it out. But it floated up off the ground. Connor gave a shout out and Cirrus ran at the sound. The Chase began they ran and ran but Cirrus fell and gave a yell. Connor turned back and jumped in the way but that shiny machine took his life away. With one electric shock, his heart began to slow to a stop. Cirrus held him for a few and He told her love you. Connor slipped away. In a storm came that a from Cirrus eyes alone came the thunder is loud grow and the rain drops wailed in the mound to see series Jones was Hello. This may seem quick but I tell it that way to make you feel what Cirrus felt that day. The adversity that the angel had promised of her was beginning. All in a blur. And that’s how life tends to go. It doesn’t doddle. It’s not slow. Make sure you’re ready like Connor was. That’s the end of this poll. And now we Paul. Thanks for listening to Episode One of Guardians of Atlanta the long summer. Episode two will be the White Night. Once again, if your imagination was fed by this story, I pray that you’ll consider becoming a monthly supporter at Joshua David ling.com/support. Until next time, keep adventuring