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A Game (WWW25) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 48)

Braden cautiously enters the room where the enigmatic woman awaits, her radiant smile captivating him. As he leans in, prepared to confront her, he tightly grips Shadowlash, which is in form of a pen. Braden asserts his determination, urging the woman to disclose Daniella’s whereabouts and warning her against any attempts to deceive him. The woman, genuinely concerned for her own safety, admits that she is also a pawn in the game and provides Braden with an address, explaining that he is being tested and manipulated. Handing him a piece of paper, she informs him of a fight he is meant to participate in. Braden accepts the paper, fueled by unwavering resolve, and swiftly departs from the room, fully committed to saving Daniella and bringing an end to the treacherous game.

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