Jayshawn finds himself in the middle of a dangerous situation when a mysterious woman is being chased by a man in a suit who is armed with a gun. As Jayshawn helps the woman escape, he learns that she knew his grandmother, Lydia Grogan, who was […]
From the episode of Poets At War about Eilonwy and The Black Cauldron
Guardians Of Atlanta 86 (Don’t Panic) After some initial panic, Especially on Marlynn’s part, The Guardians set out to look for Amy But they weren’t sure where to start. They skulked through the woods Just outside of view
Of all of Brock’s knights, But Marlynn’s nervousness grew. […]
Jayshawn, a man who feels lost and alone in the streets of Ballyshannon. However, destiny has other plans for him when he bumps into a petite young woman with a pale countenance and bi-colored eyes. As they both collect themselves, a man in a suit appears […]
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