Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 20 (A New Boss) The ancient, creaky elevator Jostled it’s way to the floor, If Sector 13 at SHA Full of dangerous criminals of war. A guard with shaking limbs Stepped into the concrete halls Limbs shaking as automatic lights Lit […]
From the episode of Poets At War about Eilonwy and The Black Cauldron
Jayshawn Grogan is a young boy raised in New Orleans in a tumultuous home environment. After enduring a life full of hardship and violence, Jayshawn decides to escape to Ireland at the age of 16, seeking a new life with his grandmother in Ballyshannon. But his […]
Guardians OF Atlanta 84 (The Arrival) Marlynn: β€œIt’s just ahead. I can see it now.” Came the voice of Marlynn to Amy. Amy: β€œRobert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, And even Jefferson Davis can’t save me.” Marlynn: β€œThen why Stone Mountain? You still haven’t told me Why […]
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