In this chapter, we see the unwavering bond between Serena and Silas. Despite the changes and challenges in Serena’s life, Silas remains a constant source of comfort and companionship. Together, they explore the world and learn about Creator’s love. Serena may not be able to express […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 79 (Darkness Unleashed) As Amy was writing, the door was kicked in And a man entered without a word. He pointed some hand-held device at her. And he did not deter, To use it to shoot out a sticky glob That stuck Amy […]
Summary: Ziona Aisling is the last Protector of Earth from Otherworld. She is a fairy, and a very powerful one. She’s been protecting the world for many years and is now the purpose behind The New Protectors coming alongside her. Her goal is to stop The […]
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