Hero’s Fridge Master-Cast

Hero’s Fridge is a Production company owned by Joshua David Ling and Kay Cee Angelica Ling. This is all of their podcast feeds wrapped up in bacon and served on a free platter of goodness.

JoshuAlog Podcast

Joshua David Ling is a lot of things, a Christian, a Calvinist, a Presbyterian, A Homeschool Graduate, and a seriously creative dude who defies format and medium, choosing to create stories in multiple ways and places. His true passion is the art of story, both the telling and the craft. Join him along his journey to create stories that glorify God, and entertain the Lost and Found among humanity.

The Mystery Of The Married Millennials

How can there be two Reformed Presbyterians who are also weird hippy artists? And they’re married?! I guess they would be… Kay Cee Angelica Ling and Joshua David Ling talk about everything that tickles their fancies, from Theology to Art and Culture, and maybe some bizarre silliness as well.


Kay Cee talks about various “issues” in our world

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